Episode 17

Published on:

10th Oct 2020

Bars for the People

This week we continue our series on the Harlem Renaissance with Langston Hughes. He was a poet, activist, playwright and champion of the everyday people.


“Closing Time: Langston Hughes and the Queer Poetics of Harlem Nightlife” by Shane Vogel


Book: “The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes” edited by Arnold Rampersad

“The Negro Speaks of Rivers”


“A New Song”


Tea Time----------


Quetta McCaskill- https://www.instagram.com/sailor_qt_/

Melanie Faye- https://smarturl.it/MelanieFaye


Martese Johnson- https://twitter.com/martesejohnson_

News: The court transcripts for Breonna Taylor's trial have been released and Derek Chauvin has posted bail. When seeking justice we must use our loses to help ensure the safety of oppressed peoples in the future. Sometimes it's one step forward three steps back, but we have to keep fighting.

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