Episode 18

Published on:

17th Oct 2020

The People in the Pews

This week we discuss the importance of the black church during the Harlem Renaissance, the exclusion of black people from leadership positions in the Catholic Church, and how the black church became a cultural icon and safe haven within black communities.


Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance 


The Crisis Magazine issue from January of 1920


Interview with Matthew Cressler by Emma Green from The Atlantic 


Tea Time----------



Inspectornerd (Taylor S Goethe)- https://www.instagram.com/inspectornerd/


Jamie Margolin- https://twitter.com/Jamie_Margolin

*We have to address climate change now. This issue isn't going away and we have exceeded the amount of time the Earth has allotted us to fix this MAN MADE catastrophe.

News: The potential confirmation of Hon. Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court and the negative impact it would have on different marginalized communities.

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